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Create a Fantastic CV with an AI Assistant!

Take your best shot at your dream opportunity with AI giving you an edge to create a CV that will put you in front of others.

This CV Maker Was Made To Help You


Present yourself

Our AI-powered helps to highlight your unique strengths and show your value to potential employers.


Remove Errors

We help you catch typos, formatting errors, and other common mistakes so you have the best chance of landing an interview.


Easily Create A CV

No need for any special technical skills or design experience. Our easy-to-use CV Maker is for everyone.


Save Time

Many candidates worry and spend too much time on their CVs. So we help them create an effective CV fast so they can start job hunting ASAP.


Share It

Easily share your CV with potential employers, recruiters, and anyone else who needs to see it with a unique link that shows only your profile which you can edit at any time.

See How It Works

ATS Compliance

Beat the robots preventing your CV from reaching recruiters!

Application Tracking Systems (ATS) are helping companies filter resumes that don't follow their rules.

Your AI Assistant will be helping you make sure that the CV you create follows the normal ATS guidelines so it won't get tossed in the thrash.


Use Both ATS
Compliant CVs & Online CVs

ATS Compliant CV

Send this to recruiters at companies to avoid auto filters
ready - Just fill in your information


Online CV

Send a link to people to impress them with a beautiful CV
Perfect to make recruiters notice you and keep you in mind


What users had to say

This makes things much easier

Writing a CV is so boring and takes too long. With this CV maker, I can get a CV ready in no time

I'm getting more replies to my emails

Last time, I could send so many CVs to so many companies but got very few replies. But now I get to choose which companies to work with

The AI Assistant is so helpful

After creating my CV with the AI Assistant, it has been easy to secure interviews. I didn't realise I had a few critical issues with my CV before this

Ready to work?

Sign up for our AI CV Maker today and take the first step toward landing your dream job!

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