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Meet Abraham, Your AI Coding Assistant

Accelerate your coding learning and development 10x faster than before with Abraham. You focus on the important things, leave the repetitive and boring coding task to Abraham

Ask Him Coding Questions

If you don't understand something or need help to research something quickly,

just ask Abraham and he'll help you out!


Check Your Code

Not sure what's wrong with your code after checking it 100 times?
Just ask Abraham to check it and he'll tell you what's the issue.


Practice & Learn To Code Faster

Accelerate your coding skills with Abraham to assist you with any
coding questions and 100+ coding practices used to vet industry-level developers


Accelerate Coding Productivity 10X
With Abraham: AI Coding Assistant


Code Completion

Our AI Coding Assistant will complete your code for you, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.


Smart Suggestions

Get intelligent recommendations for the next line of code, based on your coding style and the context of your project.


Error Detection

Our AI Coding Assistant will highlight any syntax or semantic errors in your code, so you can quickly fix them and get back to work.


Code Refactoring

Clean up and optimize your code, making it easier to read and maintain for yourself or anyone you collaborate with.


Multi Language Support

Our AI Coding Assistant supports a wide range of programming languages, so you can use it no matter what you're working on.

See How It Works

Why We Built Abraham

The Krenovator Tech Community recognises the importance of understanding theory and practicing coding for software developers to excel in any language or framework.

To enhance their learning and development experience, we provide live coding classes to cover theory and a platform for hands-on practice.

From their feedback, our Tech Community members shared that they were always looking for a way to minimize the time spent on repetitive coding tasks.

That's why we created Abraham, an AI coding assistant. Abraham speeds up the coding process by quickly identifying mistakes and offering suggestions for improvement, freeing up developers' time to focus on more important things learning and software development.

Abraham helps you become a
full-stack programer

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