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Land Your Dream IT Remote/Hybrid Job With GenAI Career Match

Create and submit your career profile now. We will match you with potential remote/hybrid IT Jobs from:

  • Malaysia

  • Hong Kong

  • United Kingdom

  • Singapore

  • South Korea

  • Australia

See How It Works

What Employers Want To Know


Career Summary

When you apply for a job, employers want to know about your work history fast. A good summary helps them see if you're a good fit for the job.

Our AI takes all your job info and makes a neat story for you. This way, bosses can quickly see all your work stuff in one place.


Job Experience

All employers want to know if you've done similar work before to help them think if you'll be a good fit for the job.

Use this profile to help show your past experience and impress any employer.



Though experience is important, employers also want to know if you have the right skillsets for current and/or future projects.

Get your skills highlighted in this profile so you can show you're a great fit for a job role.


Top Projects

If you've done big things before, then other employers would want you to do it for them too!

Let our AI help you pick the best things you've done and help you show them to employers.


Mental Health

Feeling good is important for work. Great employers want to know you can handle stress and be okay at work.

We've prepared questions about your overview mental well-being which you'll be able to see in your profile.


Psychological Capital (PsyCap)

Employers are looking for that positive mindset that you can bring.

Find out how strong you are inside and show employers that you're resilient when things get bumpy.

Reasons Other IT
Candidates Love AI Career Match

Easily Get Noticed

Let your application shine. Stand out among other candidates with an easy-to-see profile highlighting your best skills, experiences, and projects.

Save Time and Reduce Stress

Why waste time and feel stressed? Instead of spending hours figuring out what to say on applications, the profile organizes your information for you.

Tailored To Each Job

The profile helps you match your skills and experiences to each job. It's like having a personal assistant that customizes your application for every job you apply to.

Get More Interviews

Increase your chances of getting called for interviews. This profile helps employers see you as a strong candidate with the right skills and experiences.

Professional Presentation

Look professional & well organized! With this profile, you're definitely going to make a good first impression on many employers.

Boosts Your Confidence

Feel more confident about your job applications. With your best work on display, organized in a professional format, you have all the reasons to feel confident when talking to employers.

Want To Give It A Try?

Create a free career profile with the help of AI for free today, and start applying to your next IT job.

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